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Last Updated: Jun 12, 2019 03:38PM NZST
Are some zombies stronger than others?
  • You’ll encounter new and stronger zombies as you progress through the story. Learning to recognise the different zombies is important.

How much stamina does it cost to play a story stage?
  • It costs 3 stamina to play a stage you have not yet completed, and 1 stamina to play a completed stage again.

How many tokens does it cost to start a survival event journey?
  • It costs 1 token to start a journey, but there is no cost per individual stage. It costs 2 tokens to revive during a journey if you die and want to continue.

What is a companion and how do I get one?
  • Companions are creatures (e.g. dogs) who help you on your runs. Most become available to adopt on completion of Stage 3, and can then be accessed from the companions tab of the collection screen. Companions can be adopted by collecting treats, in the same way that weapons require parts to build.

What is a weapon blueprint and how do I get one?
  • Blueprints are required to build a weapon (even if you have enough parts). Find blueprints by unlocking chapters in story mode, in events, and in certain special offers. Parts obtained via events and offers always include the required blueprint.

How do weapon parts lockboxes work?
  • Weapon parts lockboxes only contain parts for weapons that you have found the blueprint for.
  • Survival event lockboxes are different. They can contain parts for weapons that you haven’t yet found the blueprint for.

How do I change my name on the survival event leaderboard?
  • Tap on the leaderboard button in the survival event screen, and then tap the edit button to the right of your name.

How do I rename my companion?
  • Tap on the companions tab in the weapons screen, and then tap the edit button to the right of the companion name.

How do I unlock the finale stage of a story chapter?
  • You must complete the 3 challenges found in the top-right corner of the story map, as well as all of the previous stages in that chapter.

How do I get more points in survival events?
  • Pay attention to the scoring information next to each stage on the survival event map - some weapon types award more points for kills. You can also see these weapon points bonuses when equipping your loadout.

How can I improve battery performance?
  • Lower your GFX setting in the settings menu to reduce battery usage.

How does weapon reloading work?
  • Weapons are automatically reloaded when the magazine is empty, provided you have spare ammo.Sometimes it’s smart to waste the last bullet or two to ensure you reload at a safe time.
  • The weapon display at the top of the screen shows the ammo remaining in the magazine and the total amount of ammo you have for that weapon. Watch these carefully so you can anticipate reloads.
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