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During a Game

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2018 09:29AM NZST
Changing a Play 
  • When you are on offense, you can change the play you will use by going into the playbook.
  • To open up your playbook and view the available plays, press the PLAYBOOK BUTTON. Tap on a play to select it.

Probability Pie 
The probability pie shows you how likely a play is to succeed. There are four different sections in which the spinner may stop.
  • Green section (success rate): the offensive team’s play succeeds.
    • Bright-green section (breakaway ratio): the offensive team gets a breakaway (critical success) and makes extra yards. This is a proportion of the overall success rate, so a breakaway ratio of 50% means half of the green area is bright.
  • Red section (failure rate): the offensive team’s play fails.​
    • Dark-red section (turnover ratio): the offensive team messes up and turns over the ball (critical failure). This is a proportion of the overall failure rate, so a turnover ratio of 50% means half of the red area is dark

To reveal (or hide) other factors influencing the probability, such as player clashes and morale, tap on the current play.

Highlighted Players
  • The highlighted profiles indicate which key players will clash in the current play.
  • The ratings of each of these players determines how likely it is that the current play will succeed.

Players with a Glowing Outline 
  • When a player has a glowing outline, it indicates that for this play, their rating is higher than that of their rival on the opposing team.

Passive and Active Skills

Skills that are glowing will affect the current play. There are two types of skills. 
  • Passive skills (BLUE): always automatically come into play in the right circumstances, as shown in the skill’s description.
  • Active skills (ORANGE): need to be manually activated when fully charged.
    • Active skills gain charge whenever the player is used during a play.
    • When active skills are fully charged and flashing, you can activate them by pressing on the player’s portrait, then tapping the ACTIVATE button.
    • If you are playing in AUTO mode, the game will automatically activate any active skills as soon as they become available.
    • Once a skill has been activated, it cannot be deactivated.

Defensive Options

Each time your rival is on offense, there are four defensive styles you can choose from.
  • Balanced defense: low risk option that does not assist or hinder your chances against any offensive plays.
  • Run defense: increases the red zone on the probability pie against a running play, but increases the green zone against passing plays.
  • Pass defense: increases the red zone on the probability pie against a passing play, but increases the green zone against running plays.
  • Blitz defense: increases both the bright green and dark red zones on the probability pie against any offensive plays. This improves your chance of causing a turnover, but also increases the offense’s chance of getting a breakaway for extra yards.

Defending A Kick

Each time your rival decides to kick, there are two defensive options you can choose from.
  • Kick defense: balanced defense that does not assist or hinder your chances.
  • Kick blitz: gives you a chance to disrupt a kick, making the opposing team’s kick less effective or reducing their chance of getting a field goal. But beware, as it’s a risky move blitzing with your defense - your rival could end up with a better kick!

  • The higher a team’s morale, the better their chance of success with each play. 
  • Teams get more morale by succeeding in plays and getting breakaways. 
  • Be careful, as any failed plays will reduce morale - especially turnovers!

Game Speed 
  • Change the game speed during the game by going into the Settings Menu, accessed via the COG button on the top right corner of the screen. 
  • The speed shown on the yellow SPEED button is the current speed.

AUTO Mode 
  • By enabling AUTO mode, your assistant coaches can take control of the game for you.
  • To enable AUTO mode, press the AUTO button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You can turn off AUTO mode at any time. This hands control of the game back to you.
  • Make sure to keep an ear open - the assistant coaches will never be as good as you at reading the game!
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