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Fight Preparation

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016 09:05PM NZST
Fight Preparation

The core of the Shadow Wars experience is in the fights. The player will select a team of up to 4 monsters to face up to 3 waves, consisting of 2-3 enemy monsters. Fights in Shadow Wars are tactical and turn-based. Crew setup and skillful play will be needed to win consistently.

To enter a fight, tap on the ENTER button on any unlocked fight location. The following screen will show the boss monster and the available rewards for each star earned in the fight. From here, the player may enter the crew setup phase or go back to the map.
Pre Fight Info 
  • The enemy crew the player will face, as well as the final boss, is displayed on the upper right hand side of the screen.
    • Level, Evolution Tier, and Health of the boss monster are also displayed.
    • Tap and hold for detailed access to the monster.
  • The boss’ crew is shown underneath them, in the order in which they will appear. The boss will always appear in the final wave.
    • The number of waves the player will encounter depends on the number of enemies shown.
      • Each wave will have a minimum of 2 monsters and a maximum of 3.
      • There is a maximum of 3 waves per fight.

Set Up the Crew
Each crew consists of up to 3 player monsters and 1 henchman.
Assemble the best crew to counter the enemy’s crew.
  • Tap on a monster to assign it to one of your 3 crew spots on the upper left hand side of the screen.
    • Tap and hold on a monster for a detailed view.
      • Skills and artifacts should be assigned at this time.
  • Tap on any equipped monster to return it back to the monster selection area.
  • Once your crew is selected, tap the NEXT button to assign a henchman.
    • Henchmen are other players' monsters. These players include strangers, Facebook friends and syndicate members.
    • Using a friend or syndicate member's henchman in a fight will help to earn that player surplus rewards.
  • Tap on a henchman to assign it to your crew.
  • Tap on an equipped henchman to return it to the selection area.
    • You can change the available henchman by tapping on the REFRESH button.
      • The cost of a refresh may be viewing a video ad (if available), or Obsidian. The cost will be displayed above the button.

Enhance Crew 
  • Use your Arc Salts to increase all stats for the entire crew, by the indicated percentage, up to a maximum of 20%
    • Arc Salts can be collected from fights, cleanups, daily heists, surplus rewards, and free gifts.
  • Enhancements will only last for the duration of the fight.
  • Winning, losing or retreating from the fight will reset the enhancement to 0%.
  • Enhancements are applied across the entire crew, including the henchman.
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