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Monster Maintenance and Henchmen

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016 09:21AM NZST
Monster Maintenance 
  • Monsters will likely take damage in battle. They may even be knocked out, rendering them unable to fight until revived
    • Injured Monsters may be taken into battle
  • All damage can be healed, and knocked out monsters revived
  • A monster that was injured or knocked out, but not revived or healed in battle, can be manually healed or revived from the Monster Collection and Crew Setup screens
  • Monsters will heal over time
  • Knocked out monsters will revive over time
    • Knocked out monsters can not be taken in to battle
Manual Healing / Reviving

An injured Monster will have a bloodied border around their portrait
  • Tap and hold to open the Monster’s details screen. From the Stats tab, tap on heal
  • Healing will cost 1 or more Med Kits, depending on damage. Obsidian may be used if the player lacks the required Med Kits. The cost is dependent on the damage needing to be healed

 Instantly revive a knocked out Monster from the Monster Collection screen
  • Tap on the revive button to open the Monster Stats Tab and spend 2 Med Kits to revive. Obsidian may be used if the player lacks the required Med Kits
A monster selected by the player can be equipped by friends and fellow Syndicate members in fights
  • Tap and hold a monster from the Monster Collection or pre-battle screen to view a monster
  • From the Stats tab, tap on SET HENCHMAN to make the monster available for use
    • When henchmen are used in fights, they help to generate free surplus
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