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Monsters and Artifacts Overview

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016 09:27AM NZST
There are dozens of monsters to be discovered, battled, captured, and summoned. Each monster is aligned with one of the five in-game elements - Fire, Earth, Water, Dark, or Light.
Elements can be weak or strong when going against others. Elemental advantages can be viewed on the element chart when selecting a crew prior to a fight, during key moments of the fight, and in the pause menu.
Monster Collection
  • Access the Monster Collection via the menu button at the top left corner of the screen
  • Press (or Hold) a monster to access its details
  • Tap on the Stats, Skills, or Gems tabs to access further information about the monster
  • Cycle through your collection using the arrow icons located at the bottom right corner
Stats Tab
Displays Monsters' current stats, level, XP and Evolution Tier (Stars).
  • Damage: Base attack value
  • Armor: Base damage reduction value
  • Critical: Chance of inflicting a damage, modifying critical hit when attacking
  • Max HP: Maximum value of monster’s health points
  • Class: Crowd Controller, Mage, Survivor, Specialist, Assassin, Medic, Tank, or Warrior
  • Evolution Tier
    • Each monster can evolve up to Tier 7
      • Each Tier is displayed as a star
  • Every evolution improves the monster's stats and skills
    • Skills can also evolve, adding or modifying effects
  • At 7 Stars, the monster will evolve into its most powerful form
  • The number of shards required to evolve to the next level are shown below the monster evolution tier
  • Every shard improves the monster's stats
    • Shards can be earned as rewards, or when capturing a duplicate monster
A monster's base stats become stronger by leveling up. Leveling up is achieved by either earning XP in fights, or using XP shots to manually level up the monster. 
  • Current monster level and XP is shown at the top right of a monster’s portrait, or at the bottom left of a monster’s details screen
    • Monsters will automatically level up once they have earned enough XP

If a monster is able to be leveled up manually, the Level Up button will be active with the XP Shots required, displayed on the top right of the button
  • The player’s current XP Shots are displayed above the level/XP progress bar
    • XP shots can be earned from fights, daily heists, cleanup rewards, surplus rewards, and free gifts
A player’s monster level can not exceed the player's Master Level. The current Master level is displayed on the upper left hand side of the screen.
Skills Tab
Displays monster’s current skills and allows the player to equip artifacts.
  • Each monster has a maximum of 3 skills
    • 2 active skills which can be swapped between fights, if both are unlocked
      • Only 1 active skill can be taken into a fight, and must be selected prior to entering the fight
      • Active skills are cast manually in fights by the player, and charged by bursting gems of the same elemental alignment as the monster
    • 1 passive skill that is used automatically in fights
  • Skills effects will improve and evolve as the monster levels up and evolves

Gems Tab
Displays the power gems and board skills this monster can create when bursting gems on the game board.

Power Gems
  • Bursts additional gems in the direction the gem indicates, which further increases the monster's attack value
  • Created when the minimum corresponding number of gems are burst in a single move
  • Created on the board in the position where the player presses

Board Skills
  • Has in-battle effects (as shown in the description text) when burst
  • Created when the minimum corresponding number of gems are burst in a single move
  • Created on the board in the position where the player presses


Powerful items that once equipped by a monster provide bonus effects, friendly buffs, and/or enemy debuffs.
  • 3 tiers of power
    • Common - provide minor bonuses and/or effects
    • Rare - provide mid level bonuses and/or effects
    • Legendary - Provide powerful bonuses and/or effects
      • Requires level 50 monster in order to equip

  • May be collected via:
    • Summoning Portal
    • Random Surplus reward
    • Boss battle node in Story Mode
    • Weekly Events
  • All available Artifacts can be viewed in any monster’s Skills Tab by tapping on the purple button on the right of the screen
    • Common, Rare, and Legendary artifacts can be viewed by tapping on the corresponding tabs
  • Tapping on the equip check box will equip the selected artifact
    • If the artifact was already equipped by another monster, it will be removed from that monster and equipped by the current monster
  • Sell any artifact by tapping on the sell button
    • The sale price is displayed below the button
      • The player will be given a confirmation screen before the sale is finalized
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