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Story Mode

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016 08:26PM NZST
Story  Mode
The Shadow Wars story mode is a single player experience taking place in multiple cities across the globe. Meet members of the five factions. Fight and capture monsters, discover powerful artifacts, and unlock the true power of an expanding monstrous crew!

Story Map
  • The story map is divided into cities, regions, and fight locations.
  • Progress through the map by completing fights in each location of a city.
  • Having your monsters survive fights earns you stars.
  • Stars will unlock subsequent regions and cities.
Locations and Fights
  • Fight locations are found in each region.
  • Every fight location consists of up to three waves of enemies to defeat.
  • Winning a fight will allow the player to move to the next location.
  • Each completed fight will award between 0 and 3 stars. The player loses 1 star for each of their monsters that are knocked out at the conclusion of a fight (excluding henchmen).
  • When the player is awarded 3 stars, they can send in a cleanup crew that will earn the player bonus items (Credits, Med Kits, Arc, Raw Arc, XP Shots,  Monster Shards, or Obsidian).
  • Rewards for each star are displayed prior to entering a fight.
  • Cleanups cost Credits. The cleanup cost is displayed on the location, along with the time the cleanup will take to be completed once it’s started.
  • Your current Credits are displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • Cleanup rewards can be collected from the menu button located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Departing a city will automatically collect all in-process cleanups.
  • Players may return to previous locations in the current city in order to attempt to 3-star any fight not currently rated at 3 stars.

  • There are two regions in every city. Each is run by one of the five factions.
  • The ruling faction name for each region is located on the upper left hand side of the region map screen.
  • As the player moves through the story they will learn more about each faction, their members, and their part in the Shadow War.

  • Cities are unlocked by acquiring stars in fights.
  • The star requirement travel cost can be found at the end point of the current city map.
  • All in-progress cleanups will be completed when departing a city.
  • Once a player has left a city, they may not return. Players wishing to 3 star and cleanup every location must do so before departing the city.
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