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The Space Base and Roomies

Last Updated: Jul 13, 2016 05:34PM NZST
Roomies are mutants specially designed to maximize your profits!

Every Roomie you add to your base will provide a special bonus.

The more Roomies you have the more bonuses you'll receive and more profits you'll earn!

A Roomie's genetic makeup contains just a dash of cockroach DNA. As a result they tend to survive anything. Roomies will always return to their allocated rooms once they are rebuilt after a doomsday.

Roomies are created at the Space Base.
Tap on the Spaceship at the top right of the Suburbia screen to visit the Space Base. 

To create a Roomie tap on the Get a Roomie button.
Each Roomie costs 5 Gold to create.

Tapping on the Get a Roomie button will create a random Roomie.
Tap on the Send to Earth button to send the Roomie to their room.

If a duplicate Roomie is created, recycle it.
Recycling will earn you either Coins, Gold, or Mutants at random.

Your friends can help you earn additional gold to aid in the creation of Roomies or buying boosts.
Tap on the Connect button to add your Facebook friends.

Connecting will earn you your first Roomie!

Friends will generate Gold for you.
Each friend tank will fill over a 24 hour period. When its filled collect your gold by tapping on it.

Remember to come back to the Space Base throughout the day to collect your gold!

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