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Why should I destroy the world?

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 02:50PM NZST
Destroying the world makes Mutants!
Mutants are the most efficient way to increase your profits!

Mutate your population by pushing the button and wiping out civilization. Your humans will survive, but they will be forever changed. Faster, more powerful, and more efficient but much less human than before.

The more mutants you create the larger profit bonus you will unlock.
To Destroy the world and mutate the survivors tap on the Mutate button.

Tap on the big red button to end the world and create more mutants.

Your progress will be reset.
All rooms will be destroyed.
All coins will be lost.

Now that the slate has been cleared you will earn much more money for every room! The number of Mutants created and the increase in profits is shown highlighted in green.

You can trade in some of your mutants to further increase your profits! The cost is displayed on the button, and the effect is shown to the left. If you have enough mutants to trade the button will be green. Tap to trade.

Destroying the world and mutating the survivors will push your profits from thousands, to millions, trillions, Undecillions, and much much more!
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