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What is Doomsday Clicker?

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 02:39PM NZST
Welcome to the end of the world!

You have destroyed civilization but for the most noble of reasons! Fun, and profit!

You have saved some. Secured in massive subterranean shelters they now work exclusively for you!
Improve the shelters to better extract more and more profits from the survivors!

Destroy monstrous creatures on the surface for instant rewards!

Destroy the world again and again to mutate the survivors. Mutants are the perfect workforce! Every new mutant improves your profitability. So keep destroying the world. Make more mutants! Make more money!

Earn  Billions, Octillions, Quattuorvigintillions and more!
Today is going to be another beautiful Doomsday!
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