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How do I report a suspected cheater?

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2016 07:21PM NZDT
If you encounter another player you think may be cheating you can report them directly to us. 

We will investigate every reported case of suspected cheating. Any confirmed cases of cheating or hacking will be dealt with as outlined in our Terms of Use. Potential actions can include, but are not limited to: Suspension from PikPok social media sites and/or titles, to permanent banning from PikPok social media sites, and/or from any or all of our titles. 

To report a suspected cheater can you please:

- Send us an email at with the subject heading "Suspected Cheater".

- Please include the reason why you think the player might be cheating, as well as the game they are playing.

 - If the player was encountered in-game can you please include a screenshot of the player taken from within the game if possible? If you are unable to supply a screenshot please include any information that may be of use to PikPok for investigation purposes.

 - If the player is posting cheats, hacks, or exploits online could you please include screenshots and links to the posts if possible? If you are unable to supply screenshots or links please include any information that may be of use to PikPok for investigation purposes.

Due to privacy concerns we will not be able to confirm what/if any action has been taken regarding the suspected cheater, but every report will be read and assessed by us and the appropriate action will be taken in every case.

Cheaters are a serious concern for everyone, and for that reason we ask that all suspected cheaters be reported to us directly as outlined above. Posting about cheaters on social media may cause delays as posts can take time for us to see and respond to. These posts also have the potential to create a conversation that is distracting or counterproductive to the community. 

Your privacy is important to us. As outlined in our Privacy Policy we will never divulge your identity to any third party including the suspected cheater.
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