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What are Power Ups?

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2015 01:43PM NZST
Power-Ups are upgradeable abilities that are activated in world by collecting Power-Up tokens in world. 

Each Power-Up is active for a limited time. When the timer runs out the Power-Up will deactivate.


Every Power Up has its own unique icon and icon color.

Unlimited Boost:
Using your boost will not deplete the boost meter for a limited time.
Upgrading increases the duration of the timer.

Coin Magnet:
Draws Coins towards the speeder.
Upgrading increases the reach and duration of the magnet.

Rapid Charging:
Increases the rate at which your speeder can charge its boost.
Upgrading increases speed and duration of the charge.

Coin Stack:
Instantly awards coins when activated.
Upgrading increases the amount of coins awarded.

Pursuer Scrambler:
Hides you from the pursuer halting its progress until the scrambler deactivates. 
Upgrading increases the duration of the scrambler.

To upgrade a Power-Up tap on the Power-Up you wish to upgrade.


Tap the Upgrade Now button. The cost of the upgrade is shown to the left of the Upgrade Now button
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