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Monsters Ate My Metropolis Battles!

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2015 12:46PM NZST
Most of the game action takes place in the battle screen. From here you will use your custom built deck to battle against opposing AI controlled player cities in turn based card combat! 
Play cards to cause damage! If your Hit Points (HP) reach 0 you lose. If you damage the city enough to deplete its HP you win!
Hit Points are shown on the bars at the top and bottom of the battle screen.
Tap on one of your cards to play it.
Tap and hold any card to view more information about it.
Turn Order

Battles in Monster Ate my Metropolis are turn based. Each round starts with either you or the enemy Metropolis playing a card.
The person with the highest Strength will play first.
Every round the Metropolis plays a card first you can attempt to mitigate the damage or even potentially counter the attack if you have the right card color or skill to do so.
Every round will then alternate between you and the opposing city playing the first card.
After both cards are played it will trigger a Battle Event*. These are action focused, skill based mini-games that can be used to increase your damage.
An awesome performance will increase your damage and add to the Megazone, while a poor performance will see you do less damage. An average performance will have no impact on your card’s damage.
*Battle Events can be disabled by tapping on the disable button on the upper left of the Battle Screen. Please note that even with the Battle Events disabled, if the Provoke Play Skill is played it will force a Battle Event.
Your performance in Battle Events and playing a card with the Megazone Charge Play Skill will charge up your Megazone.

Once the Megazone is fully charged tap on the Megazone gem to unleash a powerful unblockable attack on the enemy Metropolis without needing to play a card. The Megazone triggers a quickfire series of Battle Events and your overall performance will dictate how much damage you do.   

The Megazones are a great way to do some extra damage without playing a card. Megazones are also immune to the color clash so can be useful when you do not have the correct color card to play.
You will steal population from every city you defeat. This will move you up the league leaderboard, bringing you closer to ultimate victory and awesome prizes!
Metropolis Defence

As well as building a Monster Deck to attack your enemies with you will also need to build a City Deck that your City will use to defend itself with. These battles take place when a player attacks your city. Your City will defend itself and you can view how it fared by viewing the Battle Reports.
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