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Monsters Ate My Metropolis Cards!

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2015 02:05PM NZDT
Knowing what cards you have and how they interact with each other is vital when battling an enemy. Here are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind!
Card Colors

One of the keys to victory is understanding how your cards interact with your opponent's.
The most fundamental of these is the card’s color.
There are four in total: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Each color is strong against one other element, and weak against another as indicated in the color chart.
Blue always defeats Red and always loses to Yellow, but has no effect on Green. This is important when in battle, as using the best colored card for each round will affect how much damage you deal and receive.

Each card’s color is shown on the central border of the card.

Damage is displayed as a number on each card and shows how much direct damage will be inflicted on your opponent on a successful attack.
Skills are modifiers that can affect the behavior or damage of a card.
There are 2 varieties of Skills; Hand Skills and Play Skills.

Play Skills are activated when you use the card in battle. Play skills may cause damage, poison your opponent, or even block incoming damage from your opponent.

Hand Skills are active for as long as you hold the card in your hand and generally provide buffs to other cards. Once the card is played, however, the hand skill is deactivated.
Collect new cards to discover additional skills, combinations and new battle techniques!
Why are some card damage numbers green in battle?
A card’s damage can be changed by a number of different factors while in battle. If your card's damage numbers are green, it means that the card has been buffed!
Card Rarity

There are four rarities of cards in Monsters Ate My Metropolis: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond
Bronze cards are the most common and Diamond cards the rarest. The rarer the card the higher the likelihood of the card being more powerful. This could mean more skills, better skills, or higher damage. Its also possible that some rare cards could provide a combination of any or all of these. Some Play Skills and Hand skills only appear at the higher rarities.
The card's rarity can be seen around the border of the card.
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