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What are Perks?

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2015 01:38PM NZST
Perks are upgrades that you can apply to your speeder before each run. Perks will be active for the entirety of a single run.
Each Perk costs a set amount of coins in order to be activated, which must be paid before every run that you wish to use it. 

You can also unlock free Perks by completing in-game missions. The number of free uses is shown below the Perk icon.

You can equip a Perk by tapping on it. It will load into the first available perk slot. To remove a Perk tap on it a second time.

You can have multiple Perks active for each run. Artifacts can be used to unlock additional Perk slots.



XP Boost:
Double XP for faster leveling.

Get extra charge at the start of each zone.

Fast Coins:
Coins collected while boosting are worth more.

Extra Time:
Get extra time at the start of each zone.

Head Start:
Start your run at zone 2.

Charge Reach:
The speeder can charge its boost off surfaces that are further away.

Charge Wings:
Charge the speeder’s boost while airborne.

More Power-Ups:
Find more Power-Ups in the world.

Speed Boost:
Increases the speeder's cruising speed.

Micro Charging:
Increased charge to boost gauge from small obstacles.

Your speeder will carry its momentum for longer after boosting.

Expert Charging:
Your charge rate is increased, but your speeder will need to be closer to obstacles to charge.
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