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How do I play Breakneck?

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2016 12:21PM NZDT
In order to survive you will need quick reflexes, cunning, and skill to avoid the ravaged world’s various hazards. You will also need to stay alert to avoid detection and destruction from the alien pursuer.
If you are using a mobile devicee: Tap the Left or Right side of your device’s screen to move your speeder left or right.

If you are using a controller: The left analogue stick will move your speeder
If you are using a keyboard on PC: Use the "A" and "D" keys will move your speeder left and right.
Your speeder’s boost is charged by racing in close proximity to the various obstacles found throughout the world. The longer you can remain close to an obstacle or wall the more your boost will be charged. Large obstacles and walls provide the most effective charging sources, but smaller object can also provide vital—if more limited—amounts of charge. You will see energy arcing between your speeder and the object when your boost is being charged.

Your speeder’s boost capacity and the total boost is shown on the gauge below your speeder and along the wings.

To boost on a mobile device: tap and hold both the left and right side of your device. The longer you hold the longer you will boost. Once your boost has been exhausted you speeder will return to regular speed.

If you are using a controller pressing and holding either of the triggers will activate the boost, as will the "A" button.
If you are using a keyboard pressing and holding the space bar will activate the boost.

The game is over if you crash, or are destroyed by the pursuer.
The gauge at the top of the screen indicates how close the pursuer is to locating you, and will flash red when it is locking on and preparing to fire its weapon. 

If the pursuer maintains the lock and fires on your speeder it will be destroyed.

Boosting is the primary means to avoid being shot down by the pursuer. However you can also utilize various Perks and Power-Ups to improve your chances of survival.
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