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How do I play Four Letters?

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2015 01:00PM NZST
How to make words
Tap on the letters to spell out a word! The letters must be pressed in the right order before the timer runs out. Some letter combos will have multiple word options and any word from our Dictionary will be recognized.

My word wasn’t recognized!
Words that can be spelled in-game are from a Dictionary of four letter words we have put together. In the interest of sensitivity, certain words have been excluded as they may be considered offensive – we want everyone to have a good time! If you’ve spelled a word that wasn’t recognized and you think it should have been included, please let us know through our Support form.

I spelled a naughty word and it was accepted!
Yeah, we probably giggled about it too.

The word I could have spelled I’ve never heard of!
Even if they’re unusual, all accepted options are definitely words. Once you've spelled a word, it'll be visible in the Dictionary with a definition!

How to delete letters    
If you press a letter in the wrong order, you can tap the grayed out letter again on the playing grid to undo. You can also tap on the letter at the top of the screen to remove it – if it is not the last letter, the other letters will move back a space in the order they were selected in.

How to restart game
Tap on the little door in the top left hand corner and then tap again to exit to the Main Menu screen.

Speed Bonus
You can get a speed bonus by spelling out words in less than 1.45 seconds. Nimble fingers get extra points - each word you spell in less than 1.45 seconds will add another bonus point, up to ten words in a row!
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