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The Tournament and Leagues

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 03:50PM NZST
The core of the Rival Stars experience is in competing against the rest of the world in weekly Tournaments!

Weekly Tournaments are limited time events where you compete for the top position, and win unique player cards, in-game currency and bragging rights!

To participate in the the Tournament, tap on the basketball icon on the bottom right of the menu screens.

Then tap on the Tournament button.

Tap on the Challenge button of any team you want to play.
Their current ranking is displayed below the Team Name.

Winning a match adds points to your Leaderboard score, moving you up the ranks.
The higher placed the team is you challenge, the more points you will be awarded for victory!

You can view your current standings at any time by tapping on the Leaderboard button.

To view the prizes for the Tournament this week, select 'View all prizes' above the Leaderboard button.

There are four separate Leagues available in the Tournament.

The four Leagues are separated by Fame level. This will help to reduce the chance of an opposing team being significantly weaker or more powerful than your team.

The four Leagues are:

Rookie - Fame levels 10 - 20

Sophomore - Fame Levels 21 - 40

Professional - Fame levels 41 - 80

Super Star - Levels 81 - 125

You can only be promoted to a new League at the start of a new Tournament.

Higher Leagues will increase the challenge, but also provide better prizes.

Every third week, Rival Stars will host a Grand Tournament, where the Top Prize available is an all new, super rare Ultra Gold player!
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