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Power Plays and Auto Power Plays

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 03:44PM NZST
Power Plays take the action to the court, where you directly control the actions of your team!






Successful Power Plays will earn you new player cards at the end of the game, and put you on a Hot Streak which means more points in the Hustle!

Missing a Power Play will put you on a Cold Streak giving the opposition the upper hand in the next Hustle section.

Buzzer Shots
Buzzer Shots are a special type of Power Play that are activated at the end of a match. If you're behind by a point or two, you'll get the opportunity to win the match with a Buzzer Shot! 

Auto Power Play
Power Plays can also be contested automatically. Doing so will speed up the game at the cost of direct control of the Power Plat and any Power Play rewards.

Every Power Play can be played normally by tapping on the Play button, or Automatically by tapping on the Auto button.

The chance to win an Auto Power Play is show above the Auto button.

A successful Power Play will reward your team with any points scored and a Hot Streak.

If an Auto Power Play is lost you can attempt it again by tapping on on the screen before the countdown expires.

You can retry a Power Play a maximum of two times per game. The Gold Coin cost of each attempt is shown to the right of the countdown. 

The chance of success is shown above the countdown.

A lost Power Play will result in a Cold Streak penalty.

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