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The Hustle and Rival Clashes

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 02:34PM NZST
The moment-to-moment action of Rival Stars Basketball is broken into two game play sections:

The Hustle and Power Plays.

The Hustle is how the game resolves much of the scoring in-game.

Teams will score points as the timer run down.

During the Hustle you will sometimes be required to resolve a Rival Clash. 

In Rival Clashes, the stats of the chosen player determine victory, so be careful who you choose!

Pay attention to every player and their stats, and choose the best player for each Rival Clash.

To win, your selected card will need to have a higher value than the one your opponent chooses.

To succeed when attacking: Your player will need to have a higher attack value than the opponents defense value.
To succeed when defending: Your player will need to have a higher defense value than the opponents attack value. 

Success will put your team in a Hot Streak, giving you a short term offensive bonus.


A failure will freeze your team out, and put them into a Cold Streak - giving your opposition an offensive advantage.


You can increase the speed of the game using the Fast Forward button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
There are three speeds 1x, 2x, and 3x.
Tap on the Fast Forward button to select the next speed.

The button will change to show the current game speed.

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