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How do I send stamina to my friends?

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2015 09:39AM NZST
Stamina is the fuel that feeds the mighty machine that is your team! 

By gifting stamina you and your Facebook or Google+ friends will be able to send each other top ups to get the most out of your gaming sessions.

To request stamina, tap on the + icon next to the Stamina Bottle from the Team Management screen.

This will open up the Stamina screen. From here tap on Ask for Stamina, which will bring up your friends list.

From this screen simply select the friends you want to request stamina from by checking or unchecking the tick boxes to the right of screen, or simply tap the All option at the bottom of the screen to select everyone.

Tap Request Stamina to send!

When you receive stamina gifts they will appear in the game's message inbox. This is located on the top right corner of most of the game screens.

When you have a new gift waiting you will see a notification over the Inbox icon indicating how many gifts you have waiting for you. Open the inbox by tapping on the mail icon.

From here you can claim your Stamina Gift. Unclaimed stamina gifts will be deleted from the Inbox after 14 days. Tap on Claim Gift to add the stamina to your reserves. Please note if your stamina bottle if full you will not be able to claim additional stamina until it has been (at least partially) depleted.

You can only request stamina from a friend once every 24 hours.

You will also be able to send Stamina to any friend who has requested a top up from the same screen.

Tap on OK to send them their Stamina gift.
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