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What are Country Link Skills?

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2015 04:50PM NZST
Mix and match players with Country Link Skills to build your ideal team!

Some players will have special Country Link Skills. These are denoted with a link symbol on the skill. These are similar to normal Player Skills, but give additional bonuses to other players with the same Country Link Skill in your active team.

Below is an example of a Super Curve Country Link Skill.

These skills work the same as Player Skills when there are no linked skills to interact with - a player with no linked team members will use their Country Link Skill as a normal player skill.

When you have other players from the same country in your team that also have the same Country Link Skill, they will combine to boost that Skill for all linked players. This brings new teamwork dynamics to Flick Kick Football Legends!

Below you can see two players who have the same Country Link Skill.

When you have players with linked skills you will see the skill icons highlighted with a rotating halo to indicate it is active. In this instance the Bens are buffing each other for the Belter Country Link Skill.

Additional linked players will increase the bonus for all linked players. The more linked players the bigger the buff in that particular skill.

Should Ben Busch leave the team, Ben Westenra would lose the bonus and his Gold Country Link Belter skill will now perform the same as the normal Gold Belter Skill.

Country Link Skills have three tiers like Player Skills, and just like them the higher the tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold) the better the buff.

The best way to make an incredible team is to collect footballers from the same country and ensure they have matching Country Link skills.
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