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What weapons are available and what do they do?

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015 03:09PM NZDT
  Pistol*: One tap per shot.  
  Medium Range.
  *Can be upgraded to premium Cartel Twins 

  Chainsaw*:  Press and hold screen to run through zombies.  
  Very Close Range.
  *Can be upgraded to premium X4 Concrete Cutter

 Each screen tap will fire a spray of zombie killing pellets.
 Close Range.

  Revolver*: One tap per shot.  
  Medium Range.

  *Can be upgraded to premium TZR 44 Revolver

 Submachine Gun
 Press and hold screen to auto-fire this weapon.
 Close Range

 Tap once to lob an area effect grenade directly in front of you.
 Close - Medium Range.

 Tap once to fire a round that will shoot through a zombie.
 Extreme Long Range. 

  Assault Rifle*:  Tap once to fire a burst of bullets.  
  Long Range.
  *Can be upgraded to premium MFD-4 Assault Rifle

 Press and hold to fire a continuous stream of bullets.
 Long Range.

Premium Weapons (requires In App Purchase to unlock)

 Grenade Launcher
 Tap once to fire a grenade.
 Extreme Long Range.

Tap one to fire one bolt.
Bolts can be retrieved by running over a shot zombie.
  Slow rate of fire. 
  Extreme Long Range.

  Cartel Twins*: Dual wield pistols.
  Medium Range.
 *Premium Upgrade for Pistol


 TZR 44 Revolver*: 
Bullets will shoot through zombies.
 Long Range
 *Premium Upgrade for Revolver

  MFD-4 Assault Rifle*: Bullets will shoot through zombies.
  Extreme Long Range.
  *Premium Upgrade for Assault Rifle


  X4 Concrete Cutter*: 
More range, more gas, more kills.
  Close Range.
  *Premium Upgrade for Chainsaw
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